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The core of our platform – enable your team or your company to easily build, exchange, integrate and execute software modules, data and services. Easily pull them from or share them with the NISAR community via the cloud. Software development shouldn‘t be rocket science – create software architectures by drag and drop and simplify engineering tasks using intelligent design editors and advisors.


The flexible runtime environment can run on your operation system in the office, in the cloud, in the car or even your Raspberry PI. NISAR.RUN greatly harmonizes the runtime behavior between these platforms and lets you manage your environments, schedule projects and applications and configure runtime behaviour and middleware connectivity.


Flash your vehicles over the air and keep track of your deployment pipelines and software versions. Connect vehicles directly to your software change management system and receive updates of modules and their dependencies.


Track and monitor your vehicles’ status and live performance data over the air wherever they are or calibrate and control vehicle parameters on the fly.


Stream captured sensor or bus data from your development vehicles directly into your software modules or store it for replaying in the cloud.

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The Team

NISAR is a startup with broad experience in automotive, robotics, communication, cloud computing and functional safety.

Research Background

Industrial Expertise

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Dr. –Ing. K. Zhu

Strategy & Business Development

I am an explorer and enjoy my journey. Long ago, in my childhood, I drove a robot to cross Gobi to the moon — since then I am working on it.

Most applications of AI are limited to the perception domain. To manage the complexity of the future autonomy system, we need a new intelligent and connected platform. I am building the NISAR team to fill this vision.

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Dr. –Ing. M. Göller

Operations & Technology

I spent six years researching in the field of mobile robots and the last eight years I tried to get things on the road as project manager in the automotive industry.

The last years I have seen a lot of effort wasted tackling gaps in development tool chains – now we come together to fix this.

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M. Eng. Johannes Bühler

Innovation & Technology

I have worked as a system/software engineer for the automotive industry and as regulatory affairs specialist for automated driving.

I look forward to driving technological innovation while developing great products and development tools.

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Sang Ni


I graduated with a Master’s degree in finance mathematics from the LMU and I have M&A and financial analyst experiences in different companies.

I work as an executive assistant and support the administrative accounting department at Nisar, a company which is formed by a young and dynamic professional team.

The Locations

Currently we are operating from two locations to cover the two biggest markets, Munich for EMEA and Shanghai for the Asia Pacific region.

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