This is the engine for your SW project. It combines a Linux-based OS, RTE and Middleware and by applying container technology this can be run anywhere: on the local machine of the developer, in the cloud or on the target ECU. On the target ECU it can run native without the container or inside an already present OS like AUTOSAR or RTOS, harmonizing the runtime beaviour between different platforms.

Here you also manage your environments, configure scheduling, runtime behaviour and middleware connectivity.

Key Features

  • NISAR.OS: Our linux-based OS, outperforms usual Linux implementations by enhanced realtime functionalities and advanced safety and security integrity features
  • NISAR.RTE: Our Realtime Runtime environment, ensuring Safety domains and realtime constraints
  • NISAR.MW: the middleware which manages the inter-module communication and orchestration, even if modules are written in different programming languages
  • Container technology enables running this anywhere: on the local machine in the cloud or on a target ECU – native or inside a present OS
  • Ensures equivalent runtime behavior of the SW solution, independently where it is running. No bad surprises anymore after integrating and deploying your model and getting a completely different behavior on the ECU (assuming sufficient computation power and HW accelerators)
  • Time sensitive network(TSN) enables deterministic communication and synchronization between multiple nodes/ECUs