Finally, you want to get your SW solution on your target vehicle. NISAR.Deploy brings it to the target over the air. No wasting time by running to the car anymore with laptop in hand. Also, resident engineers who have to flash dozens of ECUs at the customer’s location benefit greatly from this.

Key Features

  • Manage your vehicle fleet with ECU sand SW versions
  • Manage deployment and update plans
  • Deploy SW to the target ECU or vehicle over the air(mobile data coverage assumed; deployment via local connection or WiFi also possible)
  • Build and manage SW packages

There are several ways to achieve this. The entry solution is integrating the NISAR.Connect Box to the ECU or to the gateway in the vehicle. The Connect Box receives the SW package and triggers the flashing process of the ECU. In later stages this can be integrated into the vehicle architecture using the vehicle’s TSM unit.